Question: I like your dresses. Where can I buy one of your dresses?
Answer: You can contact us any time (in the Contact Us) and get more information from a specialist who will contact you via phone call.

Question: Oh no! I haven’t found a representative in California! Can I make an order online?

Answer: Yes, you can! We don’t have the representatives in every city, but don’t worry! You can order online. In this case, contact us by calling (phone number). We will adjust the dress to your size. We strongly recommend you to measure your body shapes according to our directives (See the measurements chart in the dress description)

Question: What are the dresses prices?
Answer: The price range is quite wide: from $1500 to $4950.

Question: I doubt that I can measure myself properly. It is so difficult!
Answer: It is very simple! Just follow the instructions, we highly recommend to go with a dressmaker and let them do it properly.

Question: Oh, dear! I have my Quinceanera in three months! How long will it take for the dresses to get made?
Answer: The standard production time takes 10 weeks, but in case of the urgent order we can be create one faster. (Apply productions and delivery extra charges)

Question: Could you post my photo on Instagram or Facebook?
Answer: Sure! In this case send us the picture via email: (poner el email que usaremos) Be proud to say: The Most Beautiful Dress In The World is mine in (name of your city)

Question: I look gorgeous! May I become your model?
Answer: Why not? Send us your measurements and pictures at (email)

Question: I am the Quinceañera boutique owner and want to collaborate with The Most Beautiful Dress in The World. Whom should I contact?
Answer: It is very easy, send us a phone number via email or contact us.

Question: May I use your pictures on my website or social page (Facebook, Instagram etc.)?
Answer: Please keep in mind that all the pictures are under the copyright policy and can be used only with the original trademark. For the additional info contact us at (515) 771-1674



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